Elena Baylis is an Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and holds a joint appointment with the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. She is an expert in post-conflict justice. Her scholarship focuses on the intersections between international criminal law and rule of law initiatives, the role of transnational networks, and the interactions between international, national, and sub-national institutions. She has conducted field research and worked on legal education/rule of law initiatives in several post-conflict states, including Kosovo, Ethiopia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. She has recently written about development donors’ support for transitional justice initiatives, including hybrid courts (Transitional Justice and Development Aid), hybrid courts’ influence on national courts (The Persuasive Authority of Internationalized Criminal Tribunals, not yet available online), and the roles of transnational networks and communities (Function and Dysfunction in Post-Conflict Justice Networks and Communities) and internationals’ knowledge and skills (What Internationals Know: Improving the Effectiveness of Post-Conflict Justice Initiatives) in post-conflict justice initiatives, including international and internationalized criminal courts and rule of law programs. Professor Baylis is a graduate of the University of Oregon Honors College, summa cum laude, and of the Yale Law School, where she was awarded the Raphael Lemkin Prize for the best paper on international human rights.

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