Geoff Dancy, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Tulane University, received his Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Minnesota in 2013. He studies international human rights law, transitional justice, repression, and civil war. Geoff is a former director and current consultant for the Transitional Justice Research Collaborative, a group focused on collecting data and developing theory about human rights prosecutions, truth commissions, and other mechanisms of post-authoritarian or post-conflict justice. He has published and forthcoming articles on the impact of the International Criminal Court in Kenya and other African states. He also has comparative work on justice mechanisms in democratizing contexts, and on amnesties in civil war. In general, Geoff is developing a theoretical framework called human rights pragmatism, as well as a constitutive approach to international human rights law. His working book project is called Beyond Backlash: A Pragmatist Approach to Human Rights Law and Activism.