Marieke Wierda is a Dutch lawyer, born and raised in Yemen and educated in the UK and the US, and specialized in transitional justice. In her current capacity as Rule of Law Coordinator for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs she is involved in discussions about hybrid tribunals in CAR and South Sudan. Ms. Wierda has 20  years experience in transitional justice, starting with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (1997-2000), and then joining the International Center for Transitional Justice where she worked for a decade (2001-2011). She worked extensively on transitional justice in Sierra Leone, Uganda, Lebanon, and Afghanistan. From 2007 she was appointed Criminal Justice Director and was based Beirut (2007-2009) and Kabul (2009-2010). In 2011, she was an advisor to a UN Panel of Experts appointed by the Secretary General to advise on accountability for the final phases of the conflict in Sri Lanka. In October 2011, after the Revolution in Libya she joined the United Nations Support Mission (UNSMIL) as the Transitional Justice Advisor. She is the author of many book chapters and articles on international criminal law and transitional justice, including a book on International Criminal Evidence, co-authored with Judge Richard May. Currently, she is working on her PhD with Dr. Carsten Stahn, on the Impact of the International Criminal Court in Situation Countries, including Uganda, Libya, Afghanistan and Colombia.

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