Sara Kendall is Lecturer in International Law at the University of Kent, where she also co-directs Kent’s Centre for Critical International Law.  She has taught in law at the University of Leiden, in international relations at the University of Amsterdam, and in rhetoric at the University of California, Berkeley, where she completed her PhD on the Special Court for Sierra Leone.  She has worked as a court monitor in Sierra Leone through Berkeley’s War Crimes Studies Centre. She currently serves on the editorial boards of the Leiden Journal of International Law and Humanity: an International Journal of Human Rights, Humanitarianism and Development.
Sara’s published work in the field of international criminal law has focused in particular on the work of the Special Court for Sierra Leone and the International Criminal Court. She is co-editor of the open access volume Contested Justice: the Politics and Practice of International Criminal Court Interventions (Cambridge, 2015). Her publications in international law and global governance have addressed topics such as the implications of victimhood as a legal category in international criminal law, the political economy of international criminal tribunals, legal pluralism and ‘hybridity’, the rise of expert knowledge in post-Cold War constitution-drafting practices, and ‘contingent sovereignty’ in the international legal order. Her publications are available at
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